Sunday, January 27, 2013

To Serve a Democratic Electorate, You Have To Do Things That They're Too Ignorant To Understand?

commentary by Roger Erickson

“To save an economy from a failing financial system, you have to do things that are going to be fundamentally impossible to explain to people ... .” Timmy "the Mole" Geithner

It takes hubris beyond the borderline defining ignorance to say such a thing about - and to - the citizens of the USA. I'd bet money that every single one of the signatories to either our original Declaration of Independence or our Constitution would have spit on Tim's statement, in disgust.  Probably on Timmy too.

It's an outlandish and insulting statement, to claim that a supposed "leader" can't ever tell the truth to his own people. Maybe Benedict Arnold's can't, but any honest person can.

“Tim’s objective was to help Main Street, not to hurt Wall Street,” said ["Crooked Larry"] Summers, a Treasury secretary during the Clinton administration and, for two years, Geithner’s [henchman] in the Obama White House. “Tim recognized that just as there are unintended victims in just wars, there were unintended and undesired beneficiaries in an appropriate financial rescue.”

Bullshit! And gag me with a silver spoon!  Following honest actions, the only accompanying collateral damage is felt by Control Frauds. The only way to arrange for honest people to be "unintentially" harmed in the process of supposed reform is if the war engaged in is not against dishonesty, but against honesty itself.  It all comes down to how "appropriate financial rescue" is defined, and who gets to craft that definition.  America, consider yourself "framed" - along with this one sided debate among the perps, about you, the victims.

Any adaptive definition of an "appropriate" financial rescue would leave the electorate with improved quality of distributed decision-making, i.e., more distributed liquidity in order to leverage the unpredictable redistribution of talent that occurs following sexual-recombination, cultural-recombination and options-recombination. The best was for a diverse electorate to explore it's exploding options is to fully distribute the freedom to explore and select unpredictably adaptive option combinations. Arbitrary attempts by small numbers of arrogant crooks to pre-define which blue-bloods are best fit to select our national options is simply insane.

Here's my advice.  Don't stand for it.   Just say "No" to Geithner et al.  Start practicing that, and be ready to say "Hell No" to the 0.1%, and anyone who works for them.  Make it a habit, and you can't go wrong at this point.  After some "appropriate political rescue" you can then practice actually thinking for yourself, deeply, and get your kids some more practice at that habit too.

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