Sunday, June 29, 2014

Anthony Wile interviews Robert Steele

This interview provides interesting insight into Libertarianism (right libertarianism) and Steele's version of center libertarianism that combines some aspects of left and right libertarianism with his own perspective in intelligence. He thinks that a libertarian coalition is possible, but that seems to be to be pie in the sky thinking. The fundamental principles are mutually exclusive.

However, his debate of sorts with Wile brings out a number of interesting aspects of libertarianism and how to address them with forward thinking.

Steele admits, "I am not an expert on money." He sure isn't. But he does have some useful ideas about open source and popular democracy, and he is clued in on power.

Warning: Heavy on conspiracy theory in places, which can be skipped without losing the thread.

The Daily Bell
Former CIA Spy Robert Steele Wants to Strangle Leviathan With 'Open Source' Governance
Anthony Wile interviews Robert Steele

See also Steele's Intelligence for the President–and Everyone Else, Counterpunch, 2009. His argument is that transparency and open source are more effective and efficient than secrecy and clandestine agencies. Two of my early mentors were of the same view. They agree that clandestine "intelligence" is chiefly about black ops rather than intelligence-gathering.

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