Friday, June 20, 2014

Deficit Dove Prayer: "Grant Me Agile Thinking, Morality & Half A Brain ... But Not Until AFTER I Steal Everything In Sight."

(Commentary posted by Roger Erickson.)

Saint Augustine must be turning over in his grave.

Deficit Doves are still at it, saying that more austerity is needed ... but not just yet. (Hat tip to Bill Mitchell.)

German minister calls for EU budget rules to be loosened ... briefly

Translation: "Grant me agile thinking, morality & half a brain ... but not until AFTER I steal everything in sight."

Brilliant! :( Tell electorates with growing numbers & capabilities that they'll all have to DO LESS ... but not just yet?

That's exactly like telling growing kids they'll be malnourished .. but not yet?
Where do we FIND idiots who can't grasp the difference between dynamic and static assets, and between REAL resources and purely nominal metrics?

These idiots don't understand the difference between a deficit in one purely nominal metric (national fiat = Public Initiative =~ fiat currency supply), and a deficit in REAL capabilities or resources.

What MORONS!!! Just continuously right-size & right-distribute currency supply, in real-time? Any engineer or high school math student could write the Automatic Stabilizer functions for you. It's analogous to defining the basic gear that allows a soldier to function as a working part of an army. This is NOT rocket science. The concept of functional tolerance limits applies.

Some people just don't understand creation & creativity.

Fine. So for heavens sake, do NOT send such idiots to your Congress or Parliament!!! BMHOTK!

As mindless believers in "Double-Entry Accounting" for everything, idiots will insist that creativity & social development has to "come" from somewhere, in order to be created. NOT!!!
Invention, creation, innovation & return-on-coordination supersede Double-Entry Accounting! Get over it. We do not GET those things from anyone. We as a people create them, de novo - just like our fiat currency. Please wise up, as in now, before it's too late & your grandchildren have NO options.

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