Sunday, June 22, 2014

Evolution Don't Care About Metallic Or Any Other Imagined Peg For Adaptive Rate.

   (Commentary posted by Roger Erickson)

Week In FX Asia: India Caught Between Inflation And US Fed

?? What? Surely it's more accurate to say that India is caught between conformity & lack of bold leadership?

Expanding options call for bold exploration? And increasing quality of distributed decision-making?

Not complaints as to why someone or some agency doesn't make life easy for the co-dependent 1% parasitizing the middle-class in given countries?

Life was tough back in the 1920's/1930's, when most countries went back off the intra-nation gold std for good, and instead opted for policy agility, and using their brains more often.

It was also tough in 1944, when the US Gov re-started inter-gov convertibility of $US for gold (can't be smart all the time!), and again in 1971, when the US Gov finally ended inter-gov convertibility of $US for gold.

Listen. Why the hell can't all nations & all citizens go back to the time-honored convertibility of general welfare of the people for Public Initiative, aka FIAT?

Is there any other floating correlate that matters?

Evolution don't care about metallic or any other imagined peg for adaptive rate. Social evolution follows the quality (including tempo) of distributed decision-making. Get over it, Luddites & Libertarians, we're a social species, not independent hermits.

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