Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Maybe We Really Will Revert To A Planet Of The Apes, Populated By FiatDeficitRangers Keeping A Lid On Human Fiat

   (Commentary posted by Roger Erickson.)

From the Can't Make This Up Dept: Dave Walker Wonders Why Highway Funds Are Scarce :(
Dave Walker ‏@DeficitRanger 41m Lanes are locked off on I-95 between New Haven and Bridgeport and no one is working! It's time to fire #Malloy and #DOT officials. DW
Luddites! Maybe someday he'll also get around to wondering why state spending for education is also stagnating ... (but don't hold your breath waiting).

After that? Perhaps his adult kids will wonder why we ran out of fiat, and his grandchildren may even ask why THEY ran out of options.


Again, don't hold your breath waiting. Better get around to considering more options than listening to the Luddite-in-Chief.

Alternatively, maybe we will revert to a Planet of the Apes, populated by FiatDeficitRangers keeping a lid on human fiat. We could achieve a Planet of the Luddites, where every nation's Public Initiative is a flat line, i.e., "balanced."

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Matt Franko said...

Ha good one Roger this guy tweets about the bad traffic up in CT all the time!

I get the idea he is sitting in is car in gridlock building up road rage and eventually tweets it out there on his cell phone about the inadequate roads in CT, blah, blah...

When this moron and his idiot sponsor Peterson are the main cause of it all in the first place! LOL...

Roger this must take you back to working in the primate laboratories..... I often think its like we are wearing white lab coats and looking out at the ROW morons thru a one way mirror taking notes....