Monday, June 23, 2014

Tax Analysts Are Worried About The "Fiscal State" Of The USA?

   (Commentary posted by Roger Erickson.)

Here's another eye-opener.

Tax analysts are worried about the "fiscal state" of the USA
They say that the fiat currency issuer is issuing more currency than it takes back as taxes.

Uh, ... isn't that a simple prerequisite for a growing population with growing transaction rates?

The only question is how fast the absolute magnitude of our currency supply has to grow, to allow our growing populace to explore it's growing options?

It gets worse from there, as they go on to discuss the importance of interest free loans to the currency issuer. How do "tax professionals" end up so out of context?

Our bigger problem is our school system?

That's what is producing professionals in multiple disciplines who don't know the context in which their discipline operates. That's important, since, per Walter Shewhart, "without context, data is meaningless."

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Tom Hickey said...

Morons that can't tell the difference between a currency sovereign and currency users. They see the federal government as a big firm. But even in the case of firms the debt to income ratio is often greater than the federal government.