Friday, March 27, 2015

A Fatal Malady For Democracy

(Commentary posted by Roger Erickson)

Here, below, is just another in an endless series of examples ... it's a pity that this - and many other books - aren't Open Sourced.

Kill Chain: The Rise of the High-Tech Assassins

It comes down to a direct friction between AdaptiveRight vs CopyRight, and the resulting lag in adaptive rate from such friction.

Whether you're for against remote assassinations - or the expanding pace of other, worldwide MICC (or other business-lobby) operations which you don't even know about ... wouldn't it be better if our electorate was adequately informed BEFORE the next election?
Our biggest hurdle seems to be the slow population-penetration of mission-critical information.
That's a fatal malady for democracy.

If it weren't for Central Planning, by oligarchs ... we wouldn't have no planning at all?

Even an informed electorate isn't adequate, if the information consistently comes too late to drive aggregate adaptive rate. Or, if they don't get enough practice to effectively USE information in time to matter.

Is this all connected to economics? Yup. Always is. We've trained citizens to hopelessly conflate personal vs aggregate entrepreneurialism, and personal capitalism vs aggregate capitalism. Citizens are so confused that they no longer even know what aggregate capital is, or what it's for.

Just pay people enough so that they can consume all they can produce?

Even Marriner Eccles & CH Douglas agreed upon that. It's called optimal social asset allocation, or "putting your money to work." Even the bible includes a semblance of that logic, for better or for worse.

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