Thursday, March 26, 2015

Interfax — Moscow: NATO plans deployment of aircraft carrying nuclear weapons near Russian borders

More bad news. Cold War 2 hotting up.
"The strategy emphasizes the U.S. ambition to begin forming a new global economic order. A special role in this order should be played by the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership, which will help the U.S. get central positions in free trade zones encompassing two-thirds of the world's economy," the document says.
The armed forces are regarded as the foundation of U.S. national security and "military superiority is considered the main factor in U.S. world leadership," the Russian Security Council said.
The document retains the determination "to use military force unilaterally at any spot in the world and preserve military presence abroad," it said.
Russia to take into account threats resulting from new U.S. security strategy

Zero Hedge
Putin Security Council Slams Obama Attempts At "New World Order"


Unknown said...

I really wonder what is circulating through the ranks of the European ruling elite these days.

The neocons are one thing, but, what is in it for the Bilderberg and their sycophants to actively entice European destruction?

NATO is certainly controlled by the US, in that there is no doubt, however, at what point do the Europeans come to their collective senses and say no more?

I readily admit than I am naive, however, it seems that NATO (aka US) thinks it is engaged in some abstract video game.

Mr. Michael Norman is right, this is insanity.

Magpie said...


If you ever come Down Under, I'd be glad to buy you some beers.

PeterP said...

Great news!

You want peace with Rusdia? This is the only way, the only language they understand.

Tom Hickey said...

"Great news!"

If you think a ratcheting up of the Cold War and a new arms race is a good idea.

Regardless, it's what's happening and TPTB are fully behind it because it is good for business.

Right now the whole world is ramping up militaries and increasing military expenditure and developing advanced military and military related technology. Surely a lot of useful innovation will spin off from this, so it will "pay for itself."

No one really want nuclear war, "so what's there to worry about."

We just have to hope that there isn't a miscalculation or accidental launch. It happened several times in the past and disaster was only narrowly averted a cool head prevailing.

At least the Russians are smart enough to be getting ready for the worst. Maybe the US and EU should ramp up civil defense too.

Why Is Russia Building Massive Underground Bomb Shelters?

BTW, I am old enough to remember when many Americans had bomb shelter in their backyards, well stocked enough to survive for a month or so after a nuclear attack.

It seems crazy looking back at it, but here we go again.

Peter Pan said...

Even if anti-ballistic missile defenses worked perfectly, a nuclear strike against Russia would have severe environmental consequences.