Friday, March 27, 2015

Mark Adomanis — Russian Support For Democracy Just Hit The Lowest Level In More Than 20 Years

The invaluable Levada Center, Russia’s only genuinely independent polling agency, regularly conducts a survey about Russians’ attitudes towards the government, the economy, and the proper relationship between the state and its citizens. The 2015 results were just released, and it makes for rather depressing reading [to Western liberals].
Basically, right across the board, Russians have become substantially more statist and nationalist in their views.....
It should seem obvious, but you need to pay attention to what the Russian public thinks. It might be nice to assume that it wants exactly the same things that we do, but all of the evidence suggests that this isn’t true.
Turns out that most Russians are very conservative rather than liberal. The odds of a liberal regime coming to power are very low.

Russian Support For Democracy Just Hit The Lowest Level In More Than 20 Years
Mark Adomanis, Contributor


Dan Lynch said...

Note that a plurality believe that a "soviet" government would be best. Not sure what "soviet" means in this context?

Why would anyone wish to emulate Western democracy as of 2015? We suck !

Democracy only works when voters are informed, and when there are meaningful choices on the ballot. Western voters are brainwashed, to the extent that they even pay attention, and we merely get to choose which clique of oligarchs will lord over us.

Also it's interesting that Russians prefer a "planned" economy over a market economy. If they prefer a "planned" economy and a "soviet" government, isn't that another way of saying that they long for the USSR?

By the way, your link is not linking.

Dan Lynch said...

2013 poll Stalin
very popular in Russia.

NeilW said...

They're probably getting ready to join the EU.

Anonymous said...

Good one, Neil!