Monday, June 29, 2015

Alexrpt — Simple thought: Why can the UK have a Brexit referendum without consequences, but Greece cannot have a vote on an EU proposal for austerity?

Cameron has promised a UK referendum on EU membership…no one at Brussels questions the policy. Greece decides to hold a referendum and EU / IMF / ECB move quickly to punish the country.

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NeilW said...

Should be fairly obvious.

The Greek referendum is about doing something the EU doesn't like.

The British referendum is a PR exercise by a clever bunch of marketing people to try and silence UKIP in they way that they cleverly silenced the Scots.

The Greek referendum is being held by a hostile government with a different vision of Europe. The British by members of the EU ruling class.

What's sad is that it will work. The rich and the shrinking number of middle class hangers on will use their wealth to make it work - using standard PR and marketing techniques.