Sunday, June 28, 2015

I'm back from vacation and the news is even more depressing than when I left. But I "called" all of this.

Just came back from a week's vacation in Florida and I had a great time, but now I am back in this shit weather of New York City. I am really starting to hate it here, but I digress.

During my vacation I barely kept up with the markets and the news; especially the news because it's pretty much almost all bad and I didn't want any buzz kill to wreck my good time.

But, alas, I am back and scanning the media again and of course there is the Greece situation right out there in the forefront and it's really sad and depressing as all hell.

I'll start by taking some credit for predicting all this, to a "t."

Right from the election of Syriza and even before with the comments of then candidate, Alexis Tsipras, followed by the appointment of Varoufakis as Finance Minister, I said that Greece would cave to the Troika; that the last remaining wealth of the public would be stripped away and looted to pay the ransom that the banksters demanded.

Today we see that really accelerating to its final conclusion with the Greek government looking to shut banks and impose capital controls Monday morning.  (i.e. steal all the remaining cash.)

Now this is really sad and depressing on so many levels. It's depressing due to the weakness of Tsipras and the Greek government, which like so many others that have delivered false promises (Obama) and sold the people out on day one.

It's sad and depressing because of the callous and gluttonous voracity of the financial mafia who will stop at nothing and want everything despite their ineptitude and their orgies of destruction, which seemingly cannot be stopped.

It's sad and depressing on the loss of Greek sovereignty and the crushing down of the world's oldest democracy; of the crushing of democracy in general, universally, no matter how old and the sheer criminality of it.

Worst of all, however, it's sad and depressing due to the fact that we are witnessing THE MODEL that will be applied by the neoliberal criminals on the rest of us all over the world.

Make no mistake: the actions being forced upon Greece are meant to be a lesson to us all: that's what's coming our way unless we submit to the demands of this mafia and the corrupt governments they control (yes, the U.S. included, which may be most corrupt) and the lackeys who do their bidding and the law enforcement goons that fill their prisons with those who protest or refuse to submit and the armies they unleash--overt and covert--to plunder the wealth of nations.

This is the path via which, the general citizenry will be conquered, taken, enslaved, subjugated and consumed in every which way possible and it is under way as we speak and there is really nothing we can do about it.

Say good bye to Greece. Say good bye to Democracy. Say good by to us all and the way of life we have known.

On a bittersweet note there is one final irony to all this even though it's just a sort of mini, micro, "unintended consequences" thing, but at least it's something we can take a little solace in (or, better yet, make money in). That is, the vaunted euro, the thing that caused much of this misery--indeed, the thing that was CREATED EXPRESSLY as a vehicle so that the elites could steal--will go down in flames, perhaps collapsing to near-valueless in some months or at most a couple of years.

I feel sorry for the Greek people, who have been pleading for an end to austerity for so long and who have put false hope in disingenuous or timid leaders. The truth is, they have been so deluded they have not seen the poisonous nature of this currency and have not understood that it was really their mortal enemy, a Trojan Horse, all along.

For whatever reason, maybe past history of corruption under the drachma or, the inflation that the corruption seemingly always brought, the Greeks did not want to go back to the drachma. In the end I predict they will be begging for the drachma; it'll be their savior from the euro.

Make no mistake: the euro is going down. To zero, perhaps. To say the euro is getting harder to get is folly. Under the current arrangement, which necessitates that an elite few must figuratively and literally kill off everyone else for their corrupt gang to survive, and to have a currency based on this, basically means that the currency--the euro--is intrinsically worthless.

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Tom Hickey said...

(yes, the U.S. included, which may be most corrupt)

The US and EZ are US vassals. Nothing happens that the US not OK with if not behind.