Monday, June 29, 2015

Colette Browne — EU leaders will come to rue heavy-handed approach to debt crisis

In the end the Greeks were left with no choice. They had to use the nuclear option when it became clear that Troika technocrats are not interested in negotiating, but view them as nothing more than a Vichy government in place to rubber-stamp their policies....
Clear reference to the Nazi Occupation in case you missed it. No one in Europe would. Germany is coming in for it.

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EU leaders will come to rue heavy-handed approach to debt crisis
Colette Browne
ht Clonal

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Every year, on October 28, Ohi day is celebrated in Greece and by Greek communities around the world. The word ‘Ohi’ means ‘No’ and commemorates the rejection of the ultimatum made by Mussolini to Greece on October 28, 1940. He had sent a message to Ioannis Metaxas, the Prime Minister of Greece, which offered this choice to Greece: either be occupied peacefully, or be invaded forcefully. Metaxas was said to have a replied with a single word: ‘Ohi’. That day, Italy invaded from Albania, while crowds gathered on the streets of Athens to euphorically chant “Ohi! Ohi! Ohi!” 
The event has been mythologized quite a bit (Metaxas was actually a rather nasty dictator himself and his reply was probably more than just a laconic “No”), but the symbolism of a nation deciding for itself has prevailed. It was a moment of great dignity, moral courage and the assertion of one’s right to self-determination in the face of foreign occupation. As secular national holidays in Greece go, it is up there with Independence Day in terms of importance.
Open Democracy
The symbolism of NO in Greece
Alex Sakis

Back to a WWII mindset. Get job, eurocrats. Instead of creating unity, you brought bitter division and unforgotten memories of Nazi and Fascist oppression. Greeks are not going to forget this anytime soon, and the rest of the world is watching raw neoliberalism in action and thinking fascism.

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