Monday, June 29, 2015

Dominique Moisi — Renovating the World Order

Professor Moisi is more optimistic than I am about the possibility of establishing a new world order. The problem is that presently there is no basis for a world order in agreed upon values and shared interests. Post WWI and especially post WWII, the West imposed its vision through superior power. This vision was not only narrow but also biased toward Western values and interests. That order is now breaking down, and there is no clear way forward. The result is widespread disunity and unrest, and even chaos in some places, the emergence of a new arms race and increasing danger of war.

Project Syndicate
Renovating the World Order
Dominique Moisi | Professor at L'Institut d’études politiques de Paris (Sciences Po), is Senior Adviser at the French Institute for International Affairs (IFRI) and a visiting professor at King’s College London
Moisi was a co-founder and is a senior advisor of the Paris-based Institut Français des Relations Internationales (IFRI), Pierre Keller Visiting Professor at Harvard University, and the chairholder for Geopolitics at the College of Europe, the oldest educational institution in European affairs, in Natolin.[2] He is also a Fellow at CEDEP, the European Centre for Executive Development. Moïsi regularly contributes op-ed articles and essays to the Financial Times, Foreign Affairs, the Project Syndicate as well as Die Welt and Der Standard. — Wikipedia

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