Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Philip Kirby — Leading People 2016 [UK]

In the UK, class status and privilege begins in networks formed in schools that only the children of the privileged attend. Only 7% of the population attends these select school and it is disproportionally represented in the professions.

The Sutton Trust
Leading People 2016
Philip Kirby

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NeilW said...

This sort of report is somewhat misleading. There was a policy in the 1980s for the government to pay smart kids to go to independent schools, rather than reinstate the Grammar School policy in the public sector.

So an awful lot of clever kids from poor backgrounds went to independent schools. All of whom are now in their prime earning period.

The real issue is how many of these people went to what we call 'public schools', which in our case is where the rich elite send their kids - generally on a boarding basis so the parents can get back to playing polo and skiing.