Wednesday, February 1, 2017

emptywheel — The Latest “Fake” News Tizzy: Garbage In, Garbage Out

It seems that if you label something “fake news” and add some pretty charts, a certain class of people will share it around like others share pictures of big breasted women or stories accusing Hillary of murder.
Consider this study published at CJR [Columbia Journalism Review], which purports to be the “calculated look at fake news’s reach” that has been “missing from the conversation” (suggesting its author may be unfamiliar with this Stanford study or even the latest BuzzFeed poll).
It has pretty pictures everyone is passing around on Twitter (the two charts look sort of like boobies, don’t you think?).
Moar fake fake news.

The Latest “Fake” News Tizzy: Garbage In, Garbage Out
emptywheel (Marcy Wheeler)


Ryan Harris said...

Having the religious leaders, government or college professors decide what is real and fake died out hundreds of years ago.

Why do people think the goofs at Twitter, Facebook or Google have a deeper grasp of reality?

"Big Data" isn't the answer. Have you seen how easy it is to manipulate your advertisements? Searching for embarrassing personal products on your friends phones pretty much sentences them to weeks of advertisements for those products showing up in banner ads everywhere they go. Because we thought you might like.

Screwing with security services that use big data is even easier by writing software for your phone to make it appear as if it is going places and doing things it shouldn't. If your phone is programmed to appear as if it takes a flight without being registered on a flight and meets with foreign officials and goes to a terrorist training camp do you think you'll waste analysts time? you bet.

I don't know, it's bizarre that people think billionaire democrats at the worlds largest companies are somehow specially equipped to edit our news better than anyone else.

lastgreek said...

Speaking of boobies, my wife's mother has big boobies. I mean, they're bigly. She's a smart, kind, attractive woman and all, but I must admit that I find it incredibly hard not to stare at them when I'm talking to her. So ... we don't talk much :(

Bob said...

Just take everything at face value. It's a time-saver. Instead of believing stuff you are evaluating it as if it were a thought experiment.