Monday, February 13, 2017

Jennie Pierson — Trolling as a Marketing Strategy

As I was recently saying, the alt-right uses trolling as a strategy. Here's now it works to target thin markets. This strategy is not limited to the alt-right obviously.

For the alt-right, it has the added benefit of generating overreaction from opponents that weakens their positions and discredits them.

Trolling as a Marketing Strategy
Jennie Pierson | AlterNet assistant managing editor and assistant publisher


Noah Way said...

HRC had a multimillion dollar army of internet trolls funded by Correct the Record PAC whose purpose was (among other things) to sabatoge Sanders and progressive ideas. It was also used to boost Trump, with the idea that he was less electable than HRC.

Reminds me of Israel financing Islamic fundamentalist groups in the 60's and 70's to prevent the formation of a Pan-Arabic state.

MRW said...

Correct, Noah. Wish more people knew this.

MRW said...

BTW, Israelis aren't the brightest lights in the jar. no matter how much they like to praise themselves as being superior. I find them to be mewling vulgarians.

Bob said...

Best troll was Alex Jones showing up at The Young Turks election coverage. Great YT drama.