Thursday, September 28, 2017

Andrey Afanasyev — Information warfare: tools and methods

It's no secret that the US runs the organization BBG - Broadcasting Board of Governors - which is responsible for coordinating the international American media abroad, and in Russia. For instance, these are well-known media "Voice of America" and "Radio Liberty". Also, a new project "Present Time" has recently appeared and it is designed for a new audience in social networks.
However, it is worth paying attention to how these three media work. And mostly they work methodically and as a kind of entry points of information. The scheme is simple: firstly, a publication appears on one of three sites or in the social networks and accounts of these structures that are openly controlled by the US government and do not hide this fact, and then this information goes through the so-called opposition media to the national level as something already well-known and understandable . Being biased and nonobjective, the information is spread among Western journalists....
For example, let’s consider the arrest of Mr. Udaltsov, who participated in unauthorized rallies. Firstly, the information appeared on the website of Radio Liberty, and then it spread through “Novaya Gazeta” and “Echo of Moscow”. It took 30-40 minutes to do it, and the articles coincided totally with the original one.…
This is an extremely complicated hybrid threat. It is hard to prove this threat legally: you will be accused immediately of conspiracy. But it is possible to apply some kind of philological expertise in order to demonstrate it, for example, to demonstrate that there were several levels of this information attack....

On the one hand, it's clearly controlled by BBG, but it's getting harder and harder, and in the end, every message and information mutates, and it's even integrated into a number of national media. And it turns out that the mass consciousness gets inherently fake and anti-Russian information.
The echo chamber. Mirrors what the West is saying about Sputnik, RT, and social media "trolls."

The difference is that the US has a long history of this going back to the Cold War, whereas the Russian reaction is recent.

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Andrey Afanasyev: Information warfare: tools and methods

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