Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Press TV: Exposing Imperialism in Haiti

This is one the most damning exposés of Western imperialism I've seen where the US and its allies have been caught red handed lying and installing brutal dictatorships. How they got away with it is unbelievable, but just get the compliant media to repeat the same lies often enough and it becomes reality and even the Guardian is complicit.  And so we see yet again how everything we are told is in reverse where good is trounced by evil. Now the same is being done to Venezuela and you can see the same pattern being rolled out. 

So, the 'Good West' came in to save Haiti from the ' left dictator ' who was loved by his people who voted him in with a landslide. And then the US hired gangs of mercenaries to attack villages, police stations,  and public buildings to destabilise Haiti and blame it on the left. Then the good US had to go in to remove Haiti's elected leader and rig an election to get their guy in.

And afterwards the US sent in more military and the UN to 'keep the peace' and fight 'terrorism' and so they destroyed whole villages to keep the people frightened and in their place.  Mothers saw then sons taken away to be never seen again. 

Then free trade deals were signed and cheap US government subsidised food was brought in which destroyed Haiti's small farms leaving Haitians totally dependant on food subsidies.  

Hilary is seen welcoming Haiti's new dictator saying how this new democracy will bring peace and prosperity to Haitian people while all the time they are cowering in their villages fearing brutal attacks from UN soldiers.    
This absolute blatant shear robbery of the Haitian people was completely unreported in the Western media.  

Exposing Imperialism in Haiti

Press TV: Exposing Imperialism in Haiti

The violent overthrow of Haiti’s President Jean-Bertrand Aristide in 1991 and 2004 coups has ripped aside the democratic pretensions of US and the other major powers. 

In 1990, Haiti -the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere- brought to power Aristide, its first elected president. In September 1991, Jean-Bertrand Aristide was deposed in a bloody military coup orchestrated by the US. He was eventually returned to power by US intervention, only to be overthrown yet again in 2004.  

This Press TV production is a chronicle of US destabilization campaign in Haiti and brings us up to today, 11 years on from the coup. It reveals how behind the scenes the world’s imperial powers still use cunning mechanisms to keep Haiti in their pockets and impede its national sovereignty and democracy.

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