Saturday, September 30, 2017

Jacques Sapir — Suspension of my blog “RussEurope” by OpenEdition

Quite probably of course the very success of my blog, which jumped from 26000 monthly connexions to more than 200 000 monthly connexions could explain why what was thought to be “tolerable” in 2012 is no more by 2017 under Mr Macron’s rule.

This suspension amounts to an act of arbitrariness and an act of politically motivated censorship....
Censorship rears its ugly head in France under the Macron government.

The ruling elites of the world getting worried?

Real-World Economics Review Blog
Suspension of my blog “RussEurope” by OpenEdition
Jacques Sapir | Directeur d’études, Ecole des Hautes Études, Directeur du CEMI-EHESS, Paris

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Ryan Harris said...

Troops in spain, French censorship, Greek Austerity. What people really want is deeper European integration, more of Merkel's EU about now. Dream turned nightmare.