Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Frederick Kuo — Sino-Russian alliance creating a ‘Eurasian fortress’

Even as China and Russia strategize to build an opposing pole of power, neither is immune to these truths. Both nations still crave positive relations with the United States.
However, the window of US advantage to use its leverage is also closing. Therefore, it is imperative that the United States leverage its powerful alliances and global influence so that it negotiates effectively with both China and Russia to gain access to new markets and, more important, is not left out as a major underwriter in the architecture of the new world order. Failure to do so will see the US locked out of an emerging “Eurasian Fortress”, where the fortunes and dramas shaping our future will be made.
America's black and white, all or nothing, zero-sum, you are with us or you are against us approach is doomed either to failure as the US is isolated from the regions where growth will be emerging, or to fall in the Thucydides trap, threatening world war.

Growth is coming from the emerging world, since the developed world is already developed. The old imperialistic colonial approach is dead and its replacement by neoliberal globalization, neo-imperialism and neocolonialism controlled by the West is moribund. The handwriting is on the wall.

Asia Times
Sino-Russian alliance creating a ‘Eurasian fortress’
Frederick Kuo

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