Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Gordon M. Hahn — Russian Propaganda Machine: Much Ado About Little as Compared with Western Stratcomm

Much is being made about the ostensibly omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent Russian propaganda machine. In the Western view, it decides Western elections and threatens the ‘global liberal order’. In fact, an anti-Putin media organ has published a comparison of the resources devoted to propaganda or ‘strategic communications (stratcomm) by Russian and just the US (excluding European) governments. It demonstrates that the American propaganda machine alone is approximately 3-4 times more robust than Moscow’s (https://meduza.io/en/short/2017/09/14/comparing-russian-and-american-government-propaganda).
Moreover, the US stratcomm machine is growing in leaps and bounds ever since the Ukraine crisis provoked by endless NATO expansion. Just one example, is a NATO-tied American think tank, the Central European Policy Center, funded by US tax payer dollars, is like many other such institutes springing up in the US and Europe specializing in strategic communications to advance the mission of NATO expansion. For the last quarter of a century that expansion eastward to Russia’s borders has undermined Western-Russian relations and Russia’s early post-Cold War Western trajectory, alienated Russia from democracy and the free market, and ushered in the poorly labeled ‘New Cold War.’ CEPA’s stratcomm is representative of a general deficient US stratcomm deployed by a series of old and new ‘research institutes’ and media spread across the frontier between Russia and Eastern/Central Europe.
A recent CEPA stratcomm piece demonstrates the irony that while Washington and Brusslels decry Moscow’s propaganda on RT, by trolls, and other media, they lag behind in such activity only by the quality of their own strategic communications....
Russian and Eurasian Politics
Russian Propaganda Machine: Much Ado About Little as Compared with Western StratcommGordon M. Hahn, analyst and Advisory Board member at Geostrategic Forecasting Corporation, member of the Executive Advisory Board at the American Institute of Geostrategy, a contributing expert for Russia Direct, a senior researcher at the Center for Terrorism and Intelligence Studies, Akribis Group, and; and an analyst and consultant for Russia – Other Points of View


Kaivey said...

RT is superb, they have all the best reporters and they're getting more of them all the time. I'm fascinated by it, because these journalists are all liberals, but real liberals, not the neoliberals, and it's the same at Strategic Cultures and Sputnik. But Russia is not supposed to be a liberal country, and Putin is said not to be a liberal either. Perhaps the best opposition to the American Empire are the left I identity with. I just love all the programs RT puts out and their journalists are really nice people, Chris Hedges, Max Keiser, etc.

Anyway, I'm just watching a video which shows what a brutal dictatorship the US really is. I shall be putting it out here soon.

Noah Way said...

Be aware of your cognitive bias.