Monday, April 15, 2019

Andrew Sheng and Xiao Geng — China's accountability system unique

Not every decision will turn out to be the right one. But in China, when mistakes are made, adjustments follow. While this form of accountability is not perfect, it has produced a track record that is exceptional by any standard.
Interesting article coming from Andrew Sheng and Xiao Geng, who are not considered government mouthpieces and have often been critical of China's policies. Chinese people seem to understand Chinese behavior, whereas most Westerners transpose their own cultural bias on their analysis of the rest of the world.

China Daily
China's accountability system unique
Andrew Sheng, distinguished fellow at the Asia Global Institute, the University of Hong Kong, and a member of the UNEP Advisory Council on Sustainable Finance; and Xiao Geng, president of the Hong Kong Institution for International Finance, a professor at Peking University HSBC Business School and the University of Hong Kong's Faculty of Business and Economics

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