Thursday, April 25, 2019

Peter Joseph - Critique of Jordan B. Peterson (vs Slavoj Zizek: "Happiness: Capitalism vs. Marxism")

Peter Joseph dismantles Jordon Peterson's arguments about the merits of our present capitalism system. Peter Joseph says he's not a socialist, but his system is based on the cooperative and sharing, so it's sort of leftist.

Jordon Peterson says that government planned economies take away people's freedom, but Peter Joseph argues that the complete opposite is the case, because when the government provides the health service, a safety net, and other vital services, it liberates people. That is true.

And MMT will liberate people too, especially with the Job Guarantee.


Bob Roddis said...

Addressing audience questions at a CNN town hall Monday evening, presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren promised to repay the debts of everyone who bought a PlayStation 4 on their Best Buy credit card.

"What kind of a nation are we if we don't pay off people's Best Buy loans? PLAYSTATION IS A HUMAN RIGHT," she said.

The proposed policy has garnered widespread support. However, Xbox owners were understandably upset that Warren didn't promise to pay off their debts, too. Also, people who borrowed a half-million dollars to purchase a home were feeling left out. Finally, people who borrowed money to pay for their cars, home appliances, lawn mowers, and random stuff on Amazon were also left out in the cold.

In response to these complaints, Warren has come out in favor of paying off all of Americans' debts by taxing them a lot more money.

Kaivey said...

You're right, Bob, sounds barmy to me!

S400 said...

Sounds like fake.

Kaivey said...

it does to me too. I sounds out of context.

Magpie said...

Sounds a lot like the pedophile ring hiding in the pizza place underground. Obviously, I suppose Bob would disagree. :-)

S400 said...

Those pedophiles are paying that pizza with funny fiat money.