Sunday, April 28, 2019

Jonathan Swan — Trump's dream is to spend close to $2 trillion on infrastructure

Behind the scenes: Trump came into office imagining a presidency in which new projects — "built by the Trump administration" — would be erected all over the country, sources close to him tell me.
  • "There was a genuine naïveté about the prospect of Democrats and Republicans coming together to do something on a grand scale with infrastructure," a former White House official told me. "It was one of those things where Trump said it was gonna be easy. He really thought so."
  • In an early 2017 infrastructure meeting at the White House with his friend, New York real estate billionaire Richard LeFrak, Trump laid out his grand Trumpian vision. "They say Eisenhower was the greatest infrastructure president. They named the highway system after him," Trump said, per a source who was in the room. "But we're going to do double, triple, quadruple, what Eisenhower did."
Now that would be something. So far though, politics has gotten in the way, as it did in uncutting President Trump's desire to improve relations with Russia ("Putin"). POTUS may be the most powerful man in the world, but he still can't get what he wants.

Trump's dream is to spend close to $2 trillion on infrastructure
Jonathan Swan

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