Sunday, April 21, 2019

Democracy Now - The Mueller Report: Glenn Greenwald vs. David Cay Johnston on Trump-Russia Ties, Obstruction & More

Well, talk about entrenched positions (Credit Writedowns post below).

Here, Glenn Greenwald knocks out David Cay Johnstone who insists that Trump is guilty.  Johnstone says that just because there is no evidence it doesn't mean Trump didn't collude with the Russians. Glenn Greenwald completely calls him out, but David Cay Johnstone sticks to his guns.

Glenn Greenwald  agrees with David Cay Johnson that the Russians wanted Donald Trump to win, just as in the past the Americans wanted Yeltsin to win in Russia, and he says there's nothing  with that, except the US did meddle in the Russian elections to help put Yeltsin in power.

 Johnstone mentions how Hillary was insistent that she was going to do everything the take Crimea back from the Russians, and so the Russians wanted Trump to win.

Paul Craig Roberts (in another video) talks of the utter hypocrisy of the West which has destroyed so many countries in the ME leaving a bloodbath behind, and asks, what has Russia done compared to that, where the Crimeans peacefully welcomed them in?

David Cay Johnstone says that as Trump tried to stop the report as well as try to cover up for himself it means he is guilty of something and says that this is evidence of collision -  although no evidence has been found. What this means is that the Democrats seem to be saying is that Trump is guilty until proven innocent.

George Galloway says to never trust a liberal as they are just lipstick on a pig of the empire. Wash away the lipstick, and you will see the rotten empire.

The Justice Department has released a redacted version of special counsel Robert Mueller’s 448-page report detailing Russian meddling in the 2016 election, the Trump campaign’s contacts with Russia and President Trump’s attempts to impede the special counsel’s investigation. The report states the campaign “expected it would benefit electorally from information stolen and released through Russian efforts,” but Mueller concluded, “the investigation did not establish that members of the Trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.” Mueller also outlined at least 10 instances where Trump attempted to impede the special counsel’s investigation, but Mueller came to no definitive conclusion on whether Trump broke the law by obstructing justice. In the report, Mueller suggests that this is a decision for Congress to make. We host a debate on the report’s findings between two Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists: Glenn Greenwald of The Intercept and David Cay Johnston, who has covered Donald Trump since the 1980s. His most recent book is “It’s Even Worse Than You Think: What the Trump Administration Is Doing to America.”

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