Monday, April 29, 2019

Renegade Inc - Ben Norton: Renegade Inc: Russiagate! – The Collusion Delusion

Wow, Ben Norton packs quite a lot in half an hour from Russia-Gate through to WW3 and everything inbetween! The ruling elite own the media and don't care about us, or democracy, or a better society, says Ben Norton, and that they only care about their imperial control of the world.

Ben Norton says the mainstream media are only interested in profits and the Russia-Gate nonsense was very profitable for them, plus their propaganda suited the establishment. Now Julian Assange is being portrayed as a Russian agent who helped the Russians to get Trump elected. And Trump, who represents a part of the establishment, is controversial enough to keep newspaper sales up.

Ben Norton says the elite are dead scared of socialism taken root as their neoliberal policies destroy the economy, so they back fascism, or even WW3. And rather than share power with Russia and China they would sooner destroy half the planet as they believe a world war is winnable. Imagine looking at the world and there is a giant crater where Europe used to be.

When people stop buying the propaganda the mainstream media turn up the volume. Locked into ideological narratives on most issues the corporate journalists preferred option is to support government policy and double-down on their lies. Nowhere has this been more apparent than in the so-called Russiagate saga in the United States. Host Ross Ashcroft travels to New York to meet journalist Ben Norton from the Grayzone. He and his colleagues were steadfast in the face of collective delusion – so why didn’t they fall for the mainstream fallacy?

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