Thursday, September 26, 2019

Ben Norton Tweet - Putin

Hahahaha US politics is as stupid as it gets. 19 Republican congressmembers just signed this open letter saying they're against impeachment because Putin wants it.

Dems claim Putin installed Trump; the GOP claims Putin wants him out. They're all infantile

This insane letter signed by 19 Republican members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee says, "Democrats are literally following the Russian president’s playbook"

Everyone in US politics blames everything on Putin. The world is laughing at the stupidity


Impeachment Is What Vladimir Putin Wants


Matt Franko said...

That's nothing... how about setting a requirement for reserves which you control the amount of at 10% of deposits and then reduce said reserves to less than 10% of deposits and wonder what went wrong....

Or requiring Depositories to possess a certain percentage of govt liabilities per assets and then advocating for a balanced budget which would eliminate said govt liabilities and bankrupt all the banks...

Or requiring a bank to hold a % govt liabilities of total assets at a minimum ratio and then actually increase total assets by $100s of $B and bankrupting all of your banks like 2008...


"A platonistic house that is not divided against itself cannot stand!" Mat

Marian Ruccius said...

Ah the pure forms against the reality -- Plato did not have much insight into propaganda.

All very good points Matt.

On the other issue, it is of course one that the DEMs cannot win. As an outsider, here is my take: the Dems have two goals: make life difficult for Trump over the next year, and find a way to protect the Democratic establishment, and especially Biden, the chosen son. Neither is likely to work. The more they attack Trump over the Ukraine issue, the more Biden's and Pelosi's own corruption will fall under voters' microscopes.

More difficult to explain is why Trump cares about Biden (it is not as if Trump gives a damn about criminality) when he is the opponent that Trump would most easily beat. I think the answer is that Trump wants to use the Biden corruption as a bargaining chip to extract Democratic concessions in the lead up to election (much as the neo-Cons and corporate Dems sought to use putative Russia-gate as a way of constraining Trump's actions -- that is how Bolton ended up in Trump's coterie). Trump may also feel that if Biden leaves the field, that he can gain additional corporate support by a process of elimination -- that support will not go to Warren or Sanders, not only because they may be considered to radical, but also because neither has been shown to be corruptible over their long careers. I think one can see Biden's ouster as presidential candidate by X-Mas, and that the US financial sector and large corporations will align themselves solidly behind Trump. But he will still probably lose (depending on the level of Republican voter and election fraud) if Sanders is chosen as the Democratic candidate.