Sunday, September 22, 2019

Links — 22 Sep 2019

Trump wants ‘diplomatic solution’ with Iran, Pompeo says

The Hill
Mattis says Iran regime is 'trying to craft a foreign policy that pushes others around'
Justine Coleman

Sic Semper Tyrannis
"If you hit them, they will behave ..." - the neocons' song.
Col. W. Patrick Lang, US Army (ret.)

The Guardian
Iran warns presence of foreign powers in Gulf raises 'insecurity'

Sputnik International
US ‘Trying to Build Coalition’ With UK for ‘Some Form of Action Against Iran’ – Report

Russian Defense Minister On Power Balance And Current Military And Political Situation On Global Scene
Moskovskyi Komsomolets

Shoigu calls US belief in its superiority the major threat to Russia and other states

West stages cyber attacks every day against Russia’s defense communications - Shoigu

Zachary Keck

Zero Hedge
Meet America's "Economic Refugees": Retirees Who Opt To Live Abroad
Tyler Durden

Europe: The cracks are beginning to show
Frank Lee

East Asia Forum
The dollar shouldn’t be the reserve currency, but neither should the renminbi
Matthew Harrison, Senior Researcher at the Hong Kong Institution for International Finance (HKIIF), and Geng Xiao, Professor and Director of the Research Institute of Maritime Silk-Road at the HSBC Business School, Peking University, and President of the Hong Kong Institution for International Finance (HKIIF)

Fars News Agency (Iran)
Former President Karzai Lauds Iran’s Role in Restoring Stability in Afghanistan

Yahoo News
China Needs Flexible Yuan, Fewer Capital Controls: Think Tank

One America News
China needs to change way it finances economy, think tank says

Popular Resistance
Defender Of Brazil’s Indigenous Tribes Murdered ‘Execution-Style’ In Amazon Town

Contemporary China's Quest for Rejuvenation and the Century of Humiliation

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