Monday, September 30, 2019

Wong Chun Wai - Have HK people lost their mind?

Malaysia's The Star Online takes a different view from the Western media of the Hong Kong protest, in that it isn't very sympathetic to them.

Wong Chun Wai says half the protesters can't even articulate what they are protesting about, and many others are just there for the fun and the looting. He says the Chinese government won't crack down hard because the Hong Kong people themselves are fed up with the protests, but at the moment they are too scared to speak up in case they get beaten up by yobs with metal bars.

The rioters have destroyed Hong Kong’s economy and its tourist industry is in ruins, and not even business travellers want to go there anymore if they can help it.

Then there is also a demand to investigate purported police brutality. Most of us who have been following the weekly protests must be left shaking our heads.

Yes, HK isn’t Malaysia or Singapore, where there are enough laws to put a stop to these. Even in the United States or United Kingdom, the protesters wouldn’t be allowed to continue this week after week.And no one, including my media friends, has been able to tell me why the Western media is calling Joshua Wong a student leader when he is not an elected one, he is not in any university and at 22 years old, he is not even in any school.

Wong Chun Wai - Have HK people lost their mind?

  • South China Morning Post

Hong Kong’s crippling protests are the price it pays for being the world’s most free economy

  • The ‘economic freedom’ Hong Kong has championed gave us stark inequality, no social mobility and unaffordable housing. The result has been fatalism
  • The protests were decades in the making and won’t be solved without tackling deep-seated issues

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