Thursday, September 19, 2019

Links —19 Sep 2019

Zero Hedge
Luongo: Will The Yemen War Be The End Of Saudi Arabia?
Tom Luongo

Sputnik International
Accepting Houthi Responsibility for Saudi Oil Attack Means Admitting Riyadh’s War in Yemen Failed

Sputnik International
Overseas Investors Emerging as New Owners of India's Road Assets

Sputnik International
Chinese PM Notes 'Huge Prospects' for Cooperation With Russia After Talks With Putin

Checkpoint Asia
Russian Navy to Be First to Field Hypersonic Cruise Missiles on Submarines
H. I. Sutton, Forbes

Russia Insider
5 Years of Sanctions Have Been a Huge Stimulus to Russian Economy (Russian TV News)
Transcript of "First Five Years Special Report" by Arseny Molchanov

Fort Russ
U.S. White Paper Says It Will Oppose Russia and “Predatory” BRI in Arctic

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