Friday, February 12, 2021

Millennials Are "Mad As Hell" — David Robertson

Most interesting in that the author makes extensive use of Noam Chomsky in his critique of current (deteriorating) conditions. 

Yes, this is at at Zero Hedge, which also says something. It's not where one would expect to find Chomsky.

Zero Hedge
Millennials Are "Mad As Hell"
David Robertson via


Peter Radford identifies utopianism as a major problem in the economics. It is not only a major problem in economics but in the Western world owing to the cultural myth based on progress. 

On one hand utopia is "the Rapture," and on the other, it is liberal internationalism that seeks to transform the world into a liberal (presently neoliberal) utopia, from which proceeds "the white man's burden" as a moral charge laid upon the "exceptional." 

In contrast, the cultural myths of most other traditions are cyclical rather than linear. They do not anticipate a glorious end time as a utopian outcome to be achieved as lasting period of time, but rather they view history as a succession of waves the ocean of time, with the fortunes of individuals and groups rising and falling.

The Radford Free Press
What Do Durer and Soros Have in Common?
Peter Radford

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