Monday, March 29, 2021

CFR — How Should the United States Compete With China’s Belt and Road Initiative?

Context. The US should provide an alternative to BRI but by smart means rather than trying to match China dollar for dollar.

Subtext. If the BRI is successful, then China cements control of the Eurasian landmass aka the "heartland" and the "world island." Western strategy for at least a hundred year is to dominate this strategic region. Now this requires "competing" with China and Russia, as in "great power competition."

Wishful thinking.

Council on Foreign Relations
How Should the United States Compete With China’s Belt and Road Initiative? 
Jennifer Hillman and David Sacks | codirectors of the CFR-sponsored Independent Task Force report on a U.S. Response to China’s Belt and Road Initiative, which is co-chaired by Jacob J. Lew and Gary Roughead


Is Biden willing to throw in the trillions of dollars to match China. No? I didn't think so. Oh, and there are China's investments and lending in Africa and Latin America.

Dave DeCamp


Common Dreams
As Biden Prepares to Unveil Infrastructure Plan, Progressives Push $10 Trillion Investment
Jessica Corbett


Peter Pan said...

Belt & Road, if successful, would be an environmental catastrophe, and send energy consumption per capita ever higher. You sure you wanna compete with that?

Matt Franko said...

Suez looks unreliable as scale of the vessels increases and there are pirates once you get around Yemen...

Rail overland looks more reliable...

Marian Ruccius said...

Pirates in Straights of Malacca too, since time immemorial. But trains can be pirated too.