Saturday, March 20, 2021

Links — 20 March 2021

FAIR (US hypocritically outraged when the tables are turned)
WSJ rage at ‘woke’ China foreshadows new redbaiting of social justice activists
Ari Paul

Sputnik International (Russian state sponsored)
US Pushes Sub-Hunting Plane Contract on Germany, Berlin Says it Can’t Afford $1.8 Bln Price Tag

Iranian FM Zarif Blasts EU for Asking Tehran to ‘Act Responsibly’ While Ignoring 'Israel’s Nukes'

Elon Musk Addresses China Ban Rumours, Says Tesla Would ‘Get Shut Down’ if It Spied Anywhere

Scott Ritter. former US Marine intelligence officer, UN weapons inspector, and anti-nuclear activist

SCMP (Chinese privately owned by Alibaba Group)
Xinhua (Chinese state media)

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