Thursday, March 18, 2021

Links — 18 March 2021

Zero Hedge (Putin: Biden is projecting.)
Iran's Defense Ministry Warns Citizens To Prepare For Nuclear & Chemical Attacks

Putin Responds To Biden "Killer" Slur: "It Takes One To Know One"
Tyler Durden

Reminiscence of the Future (Watch the short video clip. It's subtitled.)
While Putin...
Andrei Martyanov

RT (Russian state sponsored)
‘Cheap trick, lunatic theory’: North Korea officially rejects any contact with new US administration

Tablet tantrums: Toddlers use of screens leads to behavioral problems in the classroom, Finnish study finds

Turkey calls for respect for its judicial process as it rejects international condemnation of move to ban pro-Kurdish party

Pakistani army general urges nuclear rival India to ‘bury the past’, help create conditions for peace

MintPress News
Is China Committing Genocide? Behind the US Government’s Propaganda Campaign
Dan Cohen

Internationalist 360º
Nicaragua: International Solidarity Replies to Amnesty International’s Latest Falsehoods

Strategic Culture Foundation (alleged Russian state sponsored)
Threatening Syria’s First Lady Shows NATO’s Depravity
Finnian Cunningham


Peter Pan said...

Putin = no soul
Biden = sold his soul to the swamp half a century ago

lastgreek said...

What's Putin whining about? As an autocrat, Putin should have taken it as a compliment. And why not? How many autocrats survive being nice guys or pushovers?

Biden sold his soul? Well it's America, for-only-for-profit-healthcare-coverage's sake. In America everyting is for sale, especially your soul. That's what makes it so appealing to grifters. Try being a grifter in Canada. That's hard work. You need to be both supper clever and lucky to succeed.

Peter Pan said...

Justin Trudeau <> hard work or cleverness

Must have been luck that did it.

lastgreek said...

Handsome good looks to go with the name recognition helped