Saturday, March 27, 2021

Russia reacts

 The game just changed. 

Following Putin's scolding in response to intemperate remarks by Biden, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson goes for the jugular.

Summary: Russia perceives itself as being under attack and will respond accordingly.

The Chinese have switched tone also. Cold War 2.0 heats up, and sparks are flying. 

Cui bono? US MICIMATT (Military-Industrial-Congressional-Intelligence-Media-Academia-Think-Tank complex)

Who loses? Europe, geopolitically and economically. Also, the countries of the world will have to choose which bloc to align with, based on the Bush Doctrine — "you are with us or against us."

Russia Switches To Western Diplomatic Language: Russian MFA Briefing

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ALSO — an ominous turn, to expected in a conflict between the Global North/West and the Global South/East — the race card. Add this to the religious card.

Gordon Chang depicts this as an anti-white race war.

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Summary: The astute eye will detect beneath the conflict between the Global North/West and Global South/East a rising trend toward decolonization. The Global North/West's answer to this neoliberal globalization, which is inherently neo-imperial and depends on maintaining colonization for hegemony.

The world system is shaking. The biggest danger is that Western military strategists see the window closing soon on the ability to defeat a combined Russia and China, although it is not clear that the window is already shut based on simulations. But know that the game will have shifted decisively within ten years if China continues the pace of its rise and is the recipient of Russian military technology.

This is all about control of the Eurasian land mass aka "the world island." It is truism in geopolitics that whoever controls the  world island controls the world. This pits land powers (Russia, China and Iran) against sea powers (the US and UK). This conflict has been going on for hundreds of years and is coming to a head again owing to globalization.


Ryan Harris said...

But is it really traditionalist vs liberalism, more obviously nihilist pluralism of West vs monist eternalism of East

Peter Pan said...


Wake me up when a nuclear war breaks out.

Ryan Harris said...

The East always imagining that the west wants to blow up their world when in fact West doesn't really care or place any value on Russian or Chinese culture.
China claims all their historical territory since prehistoric times based on similar genetics and culture, while West values Taiwan because we value our business and immigrant ties. We may share certain liberal values coincidentally but Vietnam or Indonesia, Egypt or Saudi Arabia don't align with West because of shared liberal values. Pluralistic values. Russia says they value their homogeneous people and religion etc falls on deaf ears because Western nations simply defend the pluralistic interests of allies which are relationships of convenience due to trade, immigration, corporations that extend as weak web across the globe.

Tom Hickey said...

But is it really traditionalist vs liberalism, more obviously nihilist pluralism of West vs monist eternalism of East

Good observation. While the liberal-traditional dialectic is more nuanced then this, this opposition is a key element of it, especially from the POV of many traditionalists. The liberal POV is rescuing those subjected to traditionalism from medievalism by liberal internationalism (read liberal interventionism).

But these are toward the extreme of the range. Along the range are different views of the integration of liberal-traditional, or their co-existence in the same brain, which can lead to double-binds.

I don't know of anyone writing on this in the West wrt to contemporary events, but Alexander Dugan, a prominent Russian philosopher and sociologist has. But traditional people are more sensitive to this than liberal people. So-called liberal people view themselves as culturally superior.

As a libertarian of the left, I have no trouble integrating my traditionalism (eternal monism) with my liberalism (freedom as basic). The reason I view personal freedom as foundational is that one must arrive at one's own conclusions regarding values and convictions, and this necessitates freedom of inquiry, which is the basis of liberalism. Different people will come to different conclusions and liberalism is superior to many traditionalisms in that it makes room for that. But imposing liberalism is illiberal.

Just as America became the melting pot owing to the vast space allowing for expansion, now the world is becoming a melting pot through technology. America is not done birthing the new humanity, and now the world is following suit. This will be long and messy process, and it won't be a linear path to "progress."

Ryan Harris said...

Mis-characterizing the nature of "The West" as liberalism or neoliberalism makes it hard for adversaries to understand the predictable behavior of West and where we draw rad lines. Russia is really good at communicating their own red lines but does a terrible job at communicating and understanding what motivates their adversaries, whether by design or accident, idk.

Matt Franko said...

“ when in fact West doesn't really care or place any value on Russian or Chinese culture.”

They can’t even do shoes..they have to do Nike and Under Amour....

We’ve been doing shores for 5,000 years...

Matt Franko said...

“Gee I can’t wait to get a new pair of those Chinese Air Yao Mings when they come out!”

Matt Franko said...

MAGA view of Russia: “Gas station with nukes”

nothing else...

Peter Pan said...

You are ambassador material, Matt.

Peter Pan said...

Links - March 28, 2032

S400 said...

Can’t wait to see the astronauts try to jump up into the space using American shoes instead of hitchhiking with the Russians, you know those Russians who can’t do anything but somehow manage to make superior airplanes and weapons, rockets and so on.

S400 said...

“MAGA view of Russia: “Gas station with nukes”

nothing else...“

Thanks for pointing out the obvious, that some of the MAGA crowd are not thinkers of magnitude..

Peter Pan said...

Elon Musk will get them into space.