Thursday, July 29, 2021

Can G7 Countries Compete With China’s Belt And Road Initiative? — Oxford Business Group

Won't work unless the Western governments back their private companies that are supposed to put risk capital into it in order to make a profit. And it won't work for the West either if the West doesn't ties strings to the investment, which will mean it won't work for the target countries.

Moreover, the third world is out of the natural reach of the capitalist countries other than as colonies.

This is overreach.

For China (and Russia) it is an entirely different story. This is their region of operations.

But also count on the countries targeted by the US and China for absorption into their respective systems to play both sides against each other.

Oxford Business Group

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Footsoldier said...

Really good paper here by Michael Hudson and Radhika Desai

Peter Pan said...

Belt & Road is the inevitable development phase of capitalism. Inevitable and unsustainable.