Saturday, July 31, 2021

Tech Altar - Why Samsung phones failed in China

Xiaomi slashed prices by selling straight from the factory to consumers, a model that Huawei emulated with their Honor range of phones, but that wasn't the only strategy that Chinese phone manufacturers used to outsmarted Samsung. Sales of Apple's prestigious phones, though, held up well in China’s first tier cities. 

 Samsung's market share in China is just 0.6%. The world's largest smartphone maker no longer manufactures phones in the country either. What went wrong?


lastgreek said...

I’d like to see car manufacturers sell directly to consumers,

Peter Pan said...

I'd like to see pigs fly, but in the meamtime I guess I'll have to settle for a flying car.

Peter Pan said...

Oh wait, I'm Peter Pan, all I need is faerie dust :)