Sunday, July 18, 2021

If you want to promote democracy, think modern money — Darren Quinn

Excellent article on MMT and political economy.

Independent Australia
If you want to promote democracy, think modern money
Darren Quinn


lastgreek said...

Well maybe that's the whole point of either ignoring or pretending not to understand MMT -- not wanting democracy.

Ahmed Fares said...

Good article. This part stood out for me:

After all, there is no unemployment in a non-monetary economy.

I have an article saved with this quote:

“… one wants to explain the empirical fact that involuntary unemployment is only associated with money-using contractual economies. In other words, real economies that do not use money and money labor contracts to organize production (e.g., feudalism, slave economies, South Sea Islanders discovered by Margaret Meed, etc) may possess important nonlinearities and even an uncertain future — but there is never an important involuntary unemployment problem. Slaves are always fully employed as well as are serfs in feudalism…….Finally it should be noted that herds of animals, schools of fish, etc organize together to solve the economic problems of What? How? For Whom? Without using money, contracts or markets, these animals still face complex nonlinear problems in their search for food and interaction with other herds. Yet animals never suffer from involuntary unemployment!.

Professor Paul Davidson
University of Tennessee

(PKT Archives)

source: Full Employment AND Price Stability

Peter Pan said...

The welfare ~ warfare state is predicated on unemployment.