Saturday, July 31, 2021

ITV - Scotland's Drug Crisis

Lots of young people experiment with drugs, but don't get addicted. It's poverty and despair that tends to cause addiction. Many on the right says it's about personal responsibility, but they don't understand how poverty causes learned helplessness, plus epigenetic and neuroplasticity changes to the brain. 

In the Basic Income experiment video I posted here last year, lots of people took less drugs and drank less alcohol when they felt they could change their lives. 

'Sometimes I hope I don't wake up': The drug user who started heroin aged 11 in Scotland | ITV News

Cheryl Riddick, 43, started taking drugs aged just 10. By 11, she was smoking heroin and age 12 she was injecting.

She has lost relatives and friends to drugs and when I ask how many, she says: “Too many to count.”

Scotland's drug death numbers are up, once again. It has the worst record in Europe.


lastgreek said...

Introduce them to a legal drug such as freshly roasted coffee.

Peter Pan said...

As long as they took the vaccine, who cares?