Friday, July 30, 2021

Debt Ceiling: Reconciliation


Looks like GOP is 99%  on getting Dems to do this themselves via reconciliation... Flimsy Graham had some hair brained Social Security fiscal reform thing going ...  shit canned it now... somebody probably straightened him out…


jrbarch said...

Have a little bit of fun, scaling and zooming things. Be my guest...

There’s the skin of the earth and its resources, human ingenuity and generosity (or lack of it).

At this scale, humans are little microbes, living in the skin - acting out phantasies in their heads. For example - some want to conquer ‘Russia + China + Iran’ and ‘rule the world’ – weaponising everything. Huh? One tip of a tectonic plate and a continent slides down into the mantle.

Microbes multiplying in the skin so fast, polluting everything so much, the integumentary ecology and energy balance is tipped.

A little virus, never ever meant to be anywhere near a human, blossoms like algae in the oceans and nearly brings the whole fantasy to a halt. Airlines are grounded, roads empty out, the ships rock in the harbours. People have to be with themselves but don’t know how.

What a fiasco! No one knows what to do. Well, at least the air got a little cleaner for awhile.

Some microbes go loco and become microphages.

From a primitive tribal economy to slave economy to feudal economy to capitalist’s economy – what has really changed? Forget the debt ceiling delusion – what we need is reality.

People who think it is still ‘business as usual’ should look out the window.

A human being needs to see a human being and know the value of what they carry inside. Microbes need peace so their hearts and minds can thrive.

Peter Pan said...

'Theater as usual' for congress critters and their watchers. That's what I think.

Matt Franko said...

“ little virus, never ever meant to be anywhere near a human, blossoms like algae in the oceans”

Uhhh I think rather the US NIAID tasked and funded a China laboratory to create it sorry….