Thursday, October 7, 2021

Links — 7 Oct 2021

The Vineyard of the Saker (the United States’ and its allies’ military biological activities on their national territory also cause serious compliance concerns)
Joint Statement: Foreign Ministers of Russia and China : Biological Weapons
The Saker

Moon of Alabama
How The 'China is a Threat' Fake News Cycle Works

Speaker warns West’s schemes to influence Russia’s elections becoming more sophisticated

France and Britain Cling on Jealously in their Former Colonies
Vladimir Danilov

Asia Times
Mission China: CIA takes direct aim at The Dragon
Dave Makichuk

Dances with Bears (review of Helmer's new book)
THE FIENDISHLY FUNNY The Complete Dances with Bears Comic Book

The Hill (she's a member of a neo-fascist party)
Mussolini's granddaughter wins most votes in Rome city council elections
Maureen Bresli

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