Thursday, October 7, 2021

'This Is a Battle Between What People Need & What Money Wants.' How's That Going to End? — Thomas Neuburger

Before the revolution.
Without a revolutionary approach, one that clean-slates the leaders of whoever holds power in government, there will be no meaningful change.

There will be change, and it will be meaningful in the margins, like better mileage standards for gas-burning cars, and meaningful for some or many groups, like DREAMers, perhaps, or working families in need of child care.

But there will be no meaningful change, change that solves the unsolvable for everyone. We will never get off the carbon economy, for example, because the masses, our rulers think, can always be kept at bay by advertising disinformation, constant PR to the contrary, and doomed-to-fail efforts to pretend to try. All because the rich, who rule us so completely that their control of government is virtually unchallengeable by normal electoral means, will never leave power absent being dragged from it.

As I said above, there’s always a choice, even if it’s not the one we’d rather have. We just haven’t taken it yet.

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