Wednesday, December 8, 2021

NATO Expansion, Maidan Ukraine, and the Donbass War — Gordon M. Hahn

This week’s inconclusive virtual Biden-Putin summit keeps the clock ticking and the tension ratcheting up. All this risk to the national security of all Europe for what precisely? For the sake of NATO expansion. For a NATO that could not prevail in Afghanistan, despite all the expenditure in blood and treasure, and will not stand to defend Ukraine even if Russia was to invade. And if NATO did move to fight Russia over Ukraine, what would that entail? Nothing other than the potential for a third world war and a first nuclear one.
Here we are again, back in a cold war threatening to become hot at any moment.Russian and Eurasian, all in a misguided effort to cement in place permanent US global hegemony (read world domination).
Russian and Eurasian Politics


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Dumbass war will lead to sorrow.