Friday, January 28, 2022

Links — 28 Jan 2022 AM

Naked Capitalism
Navigating Russia/Ukraine Warmongering Disinformation
Yves Smith

Moon of Alabama
Why Washington Will Soon Dump Ukraine's President Zelensky
Sputnik International
China Welcomes Upcoming UN Rights Chief's Visit to Xinjiang Region

EU, UK Reportedly Preparing Sanctions Against New Russian Gas Projects

Putin to discuss Russia-US dialogue with China’s Xi Jinping — spokesman

Russia won’t change its position on security guarantees, no room for compromise — Lavrov

More US sanctions to be equivalent to severing of relations — Lavrov

Medvedev slams Kazakhstan unrest as attempted color revolution

Ukrainian military, US advisers draft plan for offensive in Donbass — Donetsk

US could have turned Afghanistan into blooming garden if it tried, says Medvedev

NATO practices nuclear missile sorties near Union State borders — Belarus’ security chief

Russia, Ukraine need peace; US, Europe do not need nuclear war — Duma speaker

Defend Democracy Press (thinking the unthinkable)
Is a Nuclear War in Europe probable?
Dimitris Konstantakopoulos

Middle East Eye
Iran nuclear talks: Russia's negotiator rubbing Tehran up the wrong way
Waqar K. Kauravi, Adeela Naureen, Umar Waqar

Zero Hedge (Russia adopting some of the tools of the Empire?)
Ukraine Says "Destabilization" Worse Than A Potential Invasion, Benefits Russia
Tyler Durden

Confidence In US Govt Policies At Lowest Since 2014; UMich Survey
Tyler Durden

Biden Team Briefs Wall Street Banks On Looming Russia Sanctions, Including 'Nuclear Option'
Tyler Durden

Internationalist 360º
The Vast Anti-Russian Psyop Campaign That’s Brought Us to the Brink of Nuclear War
Rainer Shea

Common Dreams
Lavrov Says 'There Will Be No War' With Ukraine Unless US Escalates
Julia Conley

[Data for Progress] Poll: Voters Support Biden Striking a Deal with Russia to Avoid War in Ukraine

RT (fake news as violation of human rights)
Pope warns of growing ‘infodemic’


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