Friday, August 12, 2022

Links — 12 August 2022 Part 2

Reminiscence of the Future
Mighty Estonia...

About Real War.

Andrei Martyanov, former USSR naval officer and expert on Russian military and naval issues

The Grayzone
How Britain fueled Ukraine’s war machine and invited direct conflict with Russia
TJ Coles

TASS (Russian state media)
Russia urges West not to create hurdles for IAEA mission to Zaporozhye power plant — MFA

US doesn’t think Ukraine shelled Zaporozhye power plant (The plant is in the hands of the Russian military but operated by the Ukrainian crew. Ukraine charges that Russia is shelling the plant, which Russia contends that it is Ukraine. The US and West sides with Ukraine's allegation on the issue.)

US says did not give Ukraine weapons for strikes at airfield in Crimea ("According to the Russian defense ministry, several aviation bombs detonated at the Saki airfield in Crimea on Tuesday.")

US doesn’t encourage Ukraine to strike Russia — official

The UnZ Review
In Actual Russia, No Sign of Sanctions, by Ted Rall (on-site report)


Peter Pan said...

Scott Ritter with Bradley - Nuclear Disarmament - PolitiCrooks channel

- Ritter declares the attack on the POW facility a war crime, for which the US is culpable.
- Similar condemnation for the shelling of a nuclear power plant.
- HIMARS being used for these attacks.

Peter Pan said...

We Are Not the First Civilization to Collapse, But We Will Probably Be the Last
The Chris Hedges Report - Substack

Name on the tombstone: BRICS+