Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Links — 16 August 2022 Part 1

A Son of the New American Revolution
Irony alert–The American Thinker Forgets How to Think
Larry C. Johnson | CEO and co-founder of BERG Associates, LLC, an international business-consulting firm with expertise combating terrorism and investigating money laundering, formerly Deputy Director in the U.S. State Department’s Office of Counter Terrorism (1989-1993, and CIA operations (1984-1989)

Reminiscence of the Future
Andrei Martyanov, former USSR naval officer and expert on Russian military and naval issues.

The Conversation
The Covid Lab Leak Theory Is Dead. Here’s How We Know The Virus Came From A Wuhan Market (relatively short, non-technical explanation)
Edward C Holmes. ARC Australian Laureate Fellow and Professor, University of Sydney

Keith M. Bellizzi | Professor of Human Development and Family Sciences, University of Connecticut 

Joseph Ferguson,
Co-Director, National Security and Civil Rights Program, Loyola University Chicago and Thomas A. Durkin, Distinguished Practitioner in Residence, Loyola University Chicago

Sputnik International (Russian state-sponsored media)
Japanese Cabinet Visit to Yasukuni Shrine [where war criminals are buried] Infuriates China Amid US Lawmakers’ Second Taiwan Visit (playing with matches) 

New Eastern Outlook (sanctioned by the US Treasury Department)
China’s Growing Military Might (missile-based)
Brian Berletic, former US military living in Thailand

Consortium News
Scott Ritter, former US Marine Corps intelligence officer, serving in the Soviet Union as an inspector implementing the INF Treaty, on General Schwarzkopf’s staff during the Gulf War, and from 1991-1998 as a UN weapons inspector

India Punchline
US-Iran deal dangling in the air
M. K. Bhadrakumar | retired diplomat with the Indian Foreign Service and former ambassador

Armstrong Economics
North Korea Forms Alliance with Russia (Russia and China share borders with NK, thus, NK  is analogous to them as Mexico is to the US. Both Russia and China have a vial interest in the Korean Peninsula, on which the US has designs to control for that very reason.)
Martin Armstrong

Naked Capitalism
80% of US Voters Across Party Lines Support Expanding Social Security (makes no difference if the donors are against it, which they are.)
Yves Smith

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Peter Pan said...

The acrid stench of xenophobia lingers over much of this discussion. Fervent dismissals by the Chinese scientists of anything untoward are blithely cast as lies.

If the lab leak theory is dead, that leaves China 100% culpable. How many times have they been told they need to clean up their culinary practices?