Sunday, August 14, 2022

Ukraine takes out key Russian supply bridge. Russia looks increasingly impotent.

 What's Scott Ritter, Andre Maryanov, Col Douglas MacGregor going to say about this?

Russia's air defense is totally absent. Western arms supply is making a big impact.

WTF are the Russians doing?

Ukraine takes out key bridge, "destroying" Russia's plans for south advancement.


Butch Busselle said...

Mike, article is dated July 27.

Peter Pan said...

Mike has lost patience with Russia's special operation. So has the news cycle.

Gotta have mental game to follow this one.

/armchair general mode

Konrad said...

I agree with Mike. So far, Russia has spent six months on an operation that should have taken six days. What is the problem?

Joe said...

Why should this have been over in 6 days? The US got bogged down Iraq for a decade and that was against people with rpg's and ak's that trained on a jungle gym in the desert. Ukraine has an actual army that was armed and trained by US/Nato for 8 years and spent 8 years building fortifications. Then they've had a steady supply of weapons from the west. Even if only 30% make it to the front that's still a ton of weaponry. So Russia's fighting Nato, not just Ukraine. There was no reason to assume this would be a six day affair. It's clear the Russians weren't expecting a 6 day thing.

But two immediate thing do pop out, Russia has proven themselves to be masters of logistics and basic production. They're firing like 50k artillery shells day. It's an order of magnitude more than what the west can do. BUT, this artillery fire is pretty inaccurate as evidenced by the moonscape pictures. If Russia could achieve a doubling of their accuracy, they'd reduce their logistics burden and be more effective.. But of course, I'm not saying anything they don't know, maybe mass amounts of reliable dumb weapons are better than smaller amounts of more accurate yet fragile high tech weapons.

Unknown said...

It's old news. Most vehicles can use it. They set up a pontoon bridge for heavy machinery and vehicles.

Russia invaded with only 50-60 k soldiers. The Pentagon has stated they ignore the data provided by Ukraine and UK. The numbers have increased, but most of the battle reports show the Russian offensive is now led by LDPR forces and Wagner. Ukraine was estimated to have 120K at the contact line and 260K overall. There are also untold numbers of NATO soldiers and private contracts leading the units. Notice think tanks and Mearsheimer have backed off the proxy war designation. It is a direct confrontation with higher stakes for both sides.