Thursday, August 25, 2022

Links — 25 August 2022 Part 2

a News
Poland's president [Duda] calls for removal of Nord Stream 2 (Call to destroy Germany's best hope.)

TASS (Russian state media)
Zelensky says he had ‘great conversation’ with Biden, discussed Kiev’s further steps (Out in the open now, US calling the shots, which is only natural since the US is footing the bill.)

RT — Question More (Russian state-sponsored media)
US shuts down ‘Ministry of Truth’ ("The Disinformation Governance Board will be dissolved on the Department of Homeland Security’s recommendation.")

NATO chief outlines Arctic expansion ("NATO chief outlines Arctic expansion")

Americans to get medals for Ukraine (So the US is now getting a formally established Ukraine Command. Sure looks like co-belligerency.)

TASS (Russian state media)
US State Department claims it is unaware who shells Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant ("'"Washington "cannot now clarify who exactly is shelling the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant,' said Deputy Secretary of State Bonnie Jenkins."  Bro you have 20000 satellites working 24/7 over Ukraine, stop eating shit for once 😂" — Col. Douglass Macgregor)

Zero Hedge
FBI Leadership Ordered Agents Not To Investigate Hunter Biden Laptop: Whistleblowers
Tyler Durden

Internationalist 360º
Western Elites Fear the New Multipolar World Order (report on a recent Putin speech, manifesto really.)
James O'Neill

US Becomes a Party to the Conflict in Ukraine
Valery Kulikov

Sputnik International (Russian state-sponsored media)
Number of Russian Military Personnel to Increase by 137,000, Reach 1.15 Million

Germany's 'Absolute Deficit' in Weapon Reserves Impedes Supplies to Ukraine, FM Baerbock Says

MoD: Russian Iskander Missile Hits Railway Station, Eliminating 200 Ukrainian Troops (the other side of the story.)

Moscow: US Afraid Inhumane Acts Committed by Azov Terrorists Will Be Made Public

NPR Host and NYT Guest Stress that Russia is Communist While Vilifying Uninformed Republicans ("In a remarkably unhinged analysis, NPR host Terry Gross and New York Times Magazine writer Robert Draper claimed that Russia is a communist country — as they went on about how detached from reality rightwing Republicans are. Here’s the crux of the exchange (many thanks to Bryce Greene), which almost comes off like a comedy.")
Sam Husseini

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