Saturday, August 20, 2022

Links — 20 August 2022 Part 1

Paul Craig Roberts
Russia’s Destruction of the Ukraine Military (best short summary of the SMO I have seen so far)
Paul Craig Roberts | formerly Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy, associate editor of the Wall Street Journal and a columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate

Gilbert Doctorow — International relations, Russian affairs
John Mearsheimer’s latest article on Ukraine in “Foreign Affairs” – a critique (must-read)
Gilbert Doctorow

A Son of the New American Revolution
My Last Dance With Brian Stelter (more about the sorry condition of American journalism than Stelter)
Larry C. Johnson | CEO and co-founder of BERG Associates, LLC, an international business-consulting firm with expertise combating terrorism and investigating money laundering, formerly Deputy Director in the U.S. State Department’s Office of Counter Terrorism (1989-1993, and CIA operations (1984-1989)

Asia Times
Guam’s missile defenses to get a massive upgrade (preparing for war with China)
Gabriel Honrada

Common Dreams
'Deeply Dangerous Nonsense': Treasury Dept. Debunks GOP Lies About 87,000 Armed IRS Agents (Actually, it's working.)
 Kenny Stancil

Naked Capitalism
Latin America Is Back on the Grand Chessboard, As Race for Resources and Strategic Influence Intensifies in New Cold War (de-colonization)
Nick Corbishley

Sputnik International (Russian state-sponsored media)
Swiss Police Chief Warns Energy Shortages in Winter Would Cause Riots (what happens when you don't think things through.)

London's Mayor Warns Millions of Brits Won't Be Able to Afford 'Heating and Eating' This Winter (Of course, Brits won't mind sacrificing for Ukraine. snark)

Turkey Receives No Response From Finland, Sweden on Extraditions (forget about Turkey approving Finland and Sweden for NATO membership)

Afghanistan Forms Committee to Launch Practical Work on TAPI Gas Pipeline: Official

Idea of Banning Russian Citizens From Entering EU Countries is Manifestation of Nazi Policy: [Russian Defense Minister Sergei] Shoigu

Zero Hedge
Ukraine Launches Drone Attack On Russian Black Sea Fleet HQ In Crimea (PR purposes only. Fighting the info war.)

Half Of Companies Planning Layoffs Or Hiring Freezes: Survey (US business appears to be going through a restructuring similar to the downsizing by eliminating middle management back in the Eighties.)
Tyler Durden

RT — Question More (Russian state-sponsored media)
Xi asked Biden to prevent Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan – WaPo (This is likely the reason the Chinese have been saying that Biden was in deeply involved in spite of seeming to oppose it.)

Chinese ambassador outlines BRICS vision (de-colonization and win-win growth)

Modern empires keep taking what they want from 'lesser' powers and getting away with it (de-colonization)

Southfront (sanctioned by the US Treasury Department)
Germany To Supply Kiev Forces With Laser-Guided Rockets, Long-Range Artillery Projectiles (biting the hand that feeds it with energy. What could go wrong")

UPDATED: Drone Rain Over Crimea: Ukrainian UAVs Fail To Reach Their Targets In Peninsula (videos)

TASS (Russian state media)
Poisoning of Kherson senior official with chemical warfare agents being probed

Russia to submit evidence of Kiev’s chemical terrorism to OPCW

Presence of Putin, Xi at G20 summit to reflect their defiance against West — media (The West is apoplectic over this.)

Foreign Ministry: Russia ready to strengthen countermeasures if sanctions intensify (confrontation increasing)

Shoigu condemns Kiev’s attack on Yelenovka [prison in DPR] as attempt to hide truth about its crimes

Russia moves from SWIFT to more secure mechanisms – Foreign Ministry

Russian Defense Ministry starts mass production of Tsirkon [Zircon hypersonic] missiles - Shoigu

Red pill or blue pill?

Brave Freedom Fighters of [or] Uncompromising Nazis ( The cost of waking up to reality.)
Detroit Dan

Scott Adams
“I’m Worried We’re Becoming A Thought-Controlled Dystopia, Like China!”
Caitlin Johnstone


Chinese landscape painting (clever animation of Chinese landscape painting)


Peter Pan said...

Google "car bombing in Moscow"

Matt Franko said...

yeah reports are they missed him and got her by mistake.., knowing these people they probably got her first NOW they will
get him too.,,

Best thing materially for the world would be both all these people all kill each other in good riddance .. but probably barring a miracle that will never happen...,

mike norman said...

"Destroying the Mother of All Proxy Armies." -PCR

What's he talking about? The Russians still haven't taken control of Donbass. They are getting picked apart. They're losing.

Peter Pan said...

No one will suspect the Russian far right for carrying out the hit - to put pressure on Putin.

Matt Franko said...

“ Idea of Banning Russian Citizens From Entering EU Countries”

They can just go to Wang Dang in China instead.., eat some dog brain soup… who needs Paris or Rome or London..,