Friday, January 13, 2023

TASS — US may lose control of world finance due to conflict in Ukraine — French expert [Emmanuel Todd]

Todd attracted attention in 1976 when, at age 25, he predicted the fall of the Soviet Union, based on indicators such as increasing infant mortality rates: La chute finale: Essais sur la décomposition de la sphère Soviétique (The Final Fall: An Essay on the Decomposition of the Soviet Sphere). — Wikipedia

Emmanuel Todd is the author of After the Empire: The Breakdown of the American Order (2001). 

TASS (Russian state media)
US may lose control of world finance due to conflict in Ukraine — French expert [Emmanuel Todd]


The US not prepared for industrial warfare?

Defense One
Navy Secretary Warns: If Defense Industry Can’t Boost Production, Arming Both Ukraine and the US May Become ‘Challenging
Marcus Weisberger


Internationalist 360º
By the Numbers: The De-dollarization of Global Trade
F.M. Shakil


Peter Pan said...

Defense industry can't boost production without proper funding. Another trillion per year should do it.

Washington doesn't appear interested in restoring the US military to Cold War standards.

Why should they?

Getting proxies to do the dying is better for profits.

Ahmed Fares said...

The nature of naval warfare has changed. Colonel Douglas Macgregor said this in a recent interview that was new to me at least. They sell T-shirts with this:

There are 2 kinds of ships...Submarines and Targets

Iran using drones...

The U.S. military on Tuesday said debris analysis has concluded that the same type of Iranian drone that Tehran has supplied to Russia for its invasion of Ukraine was used to attack a commercial tanker off the coast of Oman a week ago.

The U.S. Navy's Bahrain-based 5th Fleet published photos and details of its investigation into the attack on the Liberian-flagged Pacific Zircon tanker, including debris from the Shahed-136 drone itself.

In a statement, the Navy said the drone ripped a 30-inch-wide (76 cm) hole into the back of the ship, and the explosive impact damaged a shipboard boiler, potable water tank and life raft.

Debris analysis shows Iran-made drone attacked tanker -U.S. Navy

I believe that was a retaliation for Israeli attacks against Iranian targets in Syria.

An Israeli official had blamed Iran for the strike on the Pacific Zircon tanker managed by Israeli-controlled Eastern Pacific Shipping. The company said there was minor damage to the hull but no injuries or spillage of the gas oil cargo.